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KaPiGraf v3.8   

One click Graph…      




Manual: KaPiGraf_manualEN.pdf (III. edition)

what's new ?      

Questions and Technical Support:  kapigraf@kapizone.cz

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!!! New video tutorial  HERE !!!



Video tutorial:     demo.avi (preview what you can do with KaPiGraf during 57s)

            Lesson1.avi (opening your data in the KaPiGraf preview)

               Lesson2.avi (our first graph)

               Lesson3.avi (zoom, moving, scaling)

               Lesson4.avi (2 curved lines, minor axis, axis dividing, title)

               Lesson5.wmv (save file, using KaPiGraf in your programs,     picture save, clipboard,                                                    print, export into MS Excel, show/hide curves)

               Lesson6.wmv (mathematical modul)







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