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KaPiGraf v3.8   

One click Graph…      






KaPiGraf shows your data as a chart easily and quickly. It also offers possibilities which you miss in MS Excel.  And what is more, KaPiGraf will never bother you with unnecessary questions.

After you open your file, you will see the preview of your data. Here you will choose each column which stands for the axxis X and Y.

After clicking „The create graph“, the graph is automatically drawn. This graph can be used in many ways: moving, zooming, changing parameters, exporting into MS Excel, printing, saving, transfering units and many others.

KaPiGraf is still in the development and if you have an interesting idea how to improve it, please contact me.



Data are created with common text files (made e.g. by a notepad or by KaPiGraf) where each column is divided by tab or space or semicolon…













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